When she dreamt!

She wishes to be someone she admires,
So as to move on from hiding herself,
Plenty of mistakes done, redone,
Her life was lost without any senses.

Time and again, she broke all links,
Not because she didn’t want them,
But lost hope, faith, trust, sanity,
In such weak bridges she had created.

Wished she could laugh when she felt like,
Instead of giving that fake smile,
She was holding bubble of tears within,
Which would burst into an ocean anytime.

She’s got the child’s heart people shouted,
No one knew what that heart wanted,
Everything was just dreams for her,
Until renascence was what she had chosen.

The past was never looked into again,
Not because it was recycled from her memories,
But, she faced more disappointments,
And hoped that life was something better.

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