Definitely one of the best days of my life. I have never felt as elated as I have today. Three good things I experienced.

Started off with good news about placements back at campus. It gave me a kick to see my friends get placed today.

And, later in the evening, I met a person who is well versed with what he is passionate about. Indeed a lesson that I learnt from him was what does passion really mean. He is the director of an esteemed film institute in Chennai. The minute he narrated about how he called most of his students dispassionate about film making, I interrupted and asked him why? He said that he feels his students are merely infatuated with film making. If the period of infatuation existed even after facing several failures for an extended period, he claims it might lead to passion for films. Such a wise person.

Finally, the day ended in the most unexpected way. Strange, Weird, Delighted, Hopeful, Happiness, Content, Brilliance, etc. are just few words to describe what I am going through right now. I had an opportunity to speak to a person who shares similar thoughts to mine in almost every possible way. Like a person who has mirror image of who and what you are. I sensed myself when I spoke to this person. From the kind of vision I share to my ideologies, my principles, my belief, my state of mind, my dream, my reason for existence. I don’t think I could have asked for more than a happier day in my life.

Thank you 13.12.11. You will be cherished forever. On this day, I believe in creating a social movement for the good, I believe in destiny, I believe in hope, I believe in change, I believe in my existence. I believe in music completely.

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