to break all myths about africa.

even before i was offered to be at south africa,

even before i had decided to take it up,

even before my visa process could happen, 

even before the travel tickets came, 

i heard enough apprehensions from everyone. 

reason being its africa. 


till date. 

till this moment. 

i have my folks, friends, strangers, colleagues, 

and everyone in the world, 

asking me one question. 

is it safe there? 

hope you’re not in trouble. 


its irony and beautiful. 

to let them know that. 

africa is really safe.

the native people are, 

polite, courteous, kind and loving.


that’s what i have felt about being in africa.  

in so many conversations with my close people, 

i have iterated the fact that i enjoy being here. 


agreed. i have my homesick days. 

because i have my people too. 

and when they are not here, 

i tend to feel lonely. at times.

only sometimes.


to break the myth.

africa is rich in every sense.

its people. who are examples of perseverance.

rich in my eyes with the way they treat fellow beings.


my days go incomplete,

if i don’t initiate a conversation,

‘hey! how are you?

good, good and you?’  

with a stranger, 

who with time,  

becomes someone i smile back at everyday. 

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