55 years of togetherness



Thatha, usually comes across as a stern person to many who don’t know him very well. I, for instance, had experienced only that side of his, for he was more of a guru than a grandfather. But, his alter side will explain that he is very child-like at heart and wishes only good for others. 

Patti, to me is undoubtedly the best cook in this entire world. I have always believed that she would have become a scientist – if she got the kind of exposure the present generation gets.

Both of them are outwardly frank, sometimes blunt but genuine with their intentions.

To me, my values, belief system, and other useful skills stems from their influences and upbringing.

I can’t stop myself from admiring both of them for being there for each other – although their expression of love is only understood by each other.

Happy 55th anniversary – Thatha and Patti 🙂

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