The last 365 days..

On December 22, 2013, I turned 24 and before I could hit 25 (which is tomorrow), I wanted to do some great things.

Well, it was merely creating a reason to push myself to do things I always dreamt of pursuing.

The question – So, did I do great things? I am not sure of an answer to that. No, I am not modest here. But, I have attempted several things and have definitely become a better person than what I was.

So, the last 365 days has been a brilliant roller-coaster ride for me. In all honesty, I am quite clueless as to where those many days went off in a jiffy.

So, a quick run through of what happened.

On my birthday, I moved back to Chennai from Mumbai, gave a concert, spent good time with family and close friends. The remaining days of the year 2013 was well spent in Pondicherry (where I used to work) and had an amazing time with Divya (since she had come over and stayed with me).

2014 was born. First 10 days of the year, shuttling between Pondicherry and Chennai and attending as many concerts as I could happened.

Between January 11, 2014 and August 15, 2014, I had moved my base to Johannesburg, South Africa. Easily one of the best learning phase of my life. I met amazing people, spent great time with them, built almost a home away from home with these people – for they became my family there. You know who you all are.  With them, traveled, cooked, sang, danced, cracked up jokes, celebrated festivals, worked a bit too, and those memories will come a long way in my life.  Thank you is purely insufficient to express my gratitude.

As usual, my close friends stuck with me despite the long distance, varying time zones. This was one phase were I desperately depended on all sorts of technology to keep in touch with family that includes my friends.

Too many reasons, I moved back to India for good. Literally for good. Between August 15, 2014 and Dec 21, 2014, life tested me at all levels. Too many opportunities – good, bad, ugly came my way. I did take some quick decisions – with a hope to make them right. And, as on today, I am a blessed and a very happy human being.

Quick lessons from last year –

  1. There is nothing worthy beyond your family.
  2. Those who are friends, will always remain friends.
  3. Work is important. But, work is not everything in life.
  4. To gain something, you need to let go off something too. Mostly a barter system.
  5. Life is too short. Too unpredictable. Passionate about something, just do it.
  6. Love something, someone, express it. There is no harm.
  7. Eating good food, home cooked food is heavenly. I have happy tears as I write this.
  8. Travel, meet new people, listen. They all will narrate beautiful stories.
  9. Stay blessed and inspired.

In no context, a special thanks to few people for giving me strength from time to time. Naithrav, Divya, Jayashree, Satish, Krithika, Arvind, Aruna, Sumeet, Anjali, Bhavinee, Halliq, Avik, Ashni, Kris, Pooja, Alokita, Ananya, Madhu, Ambuj, Ashwini, Sunil, Priyanka, Kaavya, Eric, Apala, Sowmya, Sumithra, Laloo, Neela, Ravichandran

Hope. Love. Happiness to be with all of you reading this.

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