“a soliloquy”

(picture credit: https://www.unsplash.com)


crystal clear sand, reflecting lines of someone in seated posture.

in the background, a bunch of college girls laughing their heart out,

surrounded by a community of frisbee enthusiasts playing a nail biting match,

filled with bell sounds created by a peanut seller,

the setting almost felt surreal with a three-fourth moon overhead and a distant ocean that smelled very different,

the blue lit roller coaster ride,
the fire sparks emitted through heating a corn,
the horse rider,
the hand in hand, shoulder on shoulder couple,
the jogger,
the walker,
the crawler,
the balloon seller,
the chai wala,
the future predictor,
the murphy dog (I just named it),
and everything that always existed.

but, all of this, this time, felt like a new place since the usual visits never gave room for so much details,

let’s call this person, ‘ a person’.
who wished for many a things amidst this experience,
but, blended with the moment of silence,

because that’s beautiful too, right?


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