Week 36: Your home (Upbringing)

There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots and the other is wings.
~ Unknown

A photo by Daniel Cheung. unsplash.com/photos/sCdm5DiJb8w

Seldom we are grateful for the kind of brought up we all have been bestowed upon. Who and what we are is defined heavily by our parents.

Like or dislike it, we receive a sort of exposure because of them. Since our birth, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the games we play, the words we speak, the expressions of ours, the reactions, the beliefs, the values, trust, faith, everything is shaped by them.

The sort of education we get, therefore the kind of peer group we move with, the friends we make and the connections thereafter, everything is sowed as seeds by them. Discovering our own selves, our talent, our strengths is also facilitated by them.


And there are some parents who guide us like a light through all the years until we make our own decisions based on choices available to us. And there are some who will continue to parent us. And, there are also many, who face life’s reality at an early age and lead life on their own figuring things out.

Which is ideal? We can never generalize that, for its completely circumstantial. Having said that, it’d be great if all acknowledge and count on our blessings for whoever we are today, merely for our existence.

Yes, I am glad, I am alive this morning and have another day to experience life. ūüôā

Week 27: Favorite spot in your city

In Chennai, there isn’t just one spot which is my favorite, but many such places. But, I am going to pick one that I frequently visit – Marina Beach.


Marina has a charm that makes it very personal for me to connect and visit it every now and then.
Marina has seen a part of my soul – my best of laughter and sorrowful tears.
Marina is about 6.5kms long (From Island grounds to Light house) and has been my regular running path.
Marina has allowed me to sing to its waves, shiver to its thunder & lightning, dance to its uncovered rain.
Marina has made me see Chennai in its truest sense – from the rag pickers to the owner of an Audi, it treats everyone the same and takes them into its arms with no bias.
Marina is home when I need to pause and reflect on life.
Marina reminds me of a future ahead of me – for its been a witness to my life and growing up, in some sense.
Marina makes me feel I am home, everytime I land in Chennai after traveling out.
Marina, we will continue to have this bond, for we also made a deal to see you when I turn 60 years old. Probably with my special someone, Sriram.


Week 16: Simple things in life


You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

– Swami Vivekananda

I feel very insignificant to share my views on this, but, somewhere one has to reflect their thoughts, right?

The simplest things in life is ‘To be’. As I type this, I am aware that, I have gotten this as a concept. But, in reality, this moment occurs only now and then.

Yet, I am extremely grateful that I could experience moments such as this, that too in an aware state of mind.

I hope that, this becomes a way of life, for me.


Humbling experiences in dark

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 7.55.18 pm

We, normal human beings, have taken life so much for granted. Why do I say so? Because, little do we realize the power of our senses. Having said that, please think about this – when was the last time, we were aware of all our senses?

Here’s my attempt to express what I experienced today.

We entered a pitch dark room. [What followed thereafter was simply beautiful. And, I haven’t felt this good in a very long time.] A voice resonated and gave us a set of instructions from time to time. It wasn’t easy in the beginning until we began to trust this voice and perform all the tasks that were given to us.

This experience lasted about 40 minutes. And, towards the end of this, we realised that the voice belonged to Robin, who is visually challenged, but in no way less than us normal mortals.

Personally, I realised how much I had taken my sensory organs for granted. And, the tiny conversation I had with him¬†made me feel that ‘there is always a way if we are willing to make things work’. They don’t need our sympathies. They just need to be treated equal.

This experience / simulation is a concept by Dialogue In the Dark. I request everyone to look up for this place and visit it whenever possible.

For fellow Indians, more details of the concept and locations are available with this link Рhttp://www.dialogueinthedarkindia.com/exhibiti…/concept.html

Week 14: A talent you have

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
– Albert Einstein

This is mostly me in a nutshell. I am very aware of my musical abilities and understand that I have been blessed with a voice that can move and produce some good sound. You could call me a singer, for this description ūüėČ


But, to talk about a talent I have, hmm, I believe I am very very curious, to know and learn about a lot of things. Even in cases, where the subject sparked least or no interest in me. And, I uncovered this reality, only when I remained fascinated about everything around me Рespecially to understand the potential of human beings and talent / skills they persevered.

Over the course of time, I did¬†juggle and explore¬†things like writing (yes, all the stuff you’re reading right now), playing the violin, perspective drawing, clay modelling, quilling papers, jewelry making, clicking photographs, producing a movie, story telling, concert performances, learning languages, sudoku puzzles, crossword challenges, poetry, composing to name a few. (oh yes, I am not at all modest here!)

Throughout my¬†explorations, I found myself to grow more and more¬†inquisitive. It also gave rise to a thought on how many such untouched areas of talent or skills that exist around us. And, we seldom acknowledge and understand, how this¬†one life is just¬†not enough to simply¬†learn about these possibilities ūüôā

Week 10: List 5 things you like about you

This blog topic is tricky. But, come on. What’s the big deal about self-love?

‚ÄúIf you have the ability to love, love yourself first.‚ÄĚ
‚Äē Charles Bukowski

Like, one of my friends, mentioned to me the other day, we all spend most of our¬†life’s time with our¬†own self.

In that context, it is imperative that I enjoy being with myself and appreciate the goodness in me.


So, jumping straight to the list of things I like about myself.

  1. Learning:
    At any given point in time, I have observed and acknowledged that I always enjoy learning, in its truest sense. I strive to learn from my respective gurus / mentors. I also learn through my interaction with people, belonging to various groups.
  2. Trust:
    I like how I am wired to trust anyone and everyone without any prejudices. I give everyone, a fair number of chances. When things don’t work their way, I get, that it’s time to let them be. I like that, I have learnt through time, to¬†pick myself up and move on.
  3. Time:
    I do juggle between work, family, friends and my own goals. I definitely like how I am able manage time for all these things. But, truth said, the folks in my life are extremely supportive and make this happen for me, seamlessly.
  4. Communicate:
    With life experiences, I have learnt to communicate well. I like that, I can clearly state what I have to say or what I feel. Again, a lot of people at various instances have made me this person I am today.
  5. Enthusiasm:
    For those of you, who know me well, you’d instantly agree on how crazy I am. I like that, I can almost laugh out loud on anything and everything. I hold a child-like enthusiasm which lets me explore, travel places, experiment on things, stay raw and radiate within.

Week 4: A family member

I have taken some folks for granted. This includes my family, some of my very close friends.

But, isn’t it how, relationships work?

Lately, I have realized the kind of sacrifice, unconditional love, one person has bestowed, to make my life beautiful, in every aspect.

And yes, there is just one person in this entire universe, who has seen the best and worst of me.

She remained elated, if I listened to her intently and made her proud.

She would gleefully cheer me on, when I was low.

She has been severely bruised with my words, actions at several instances.

She would still wear a smile, even when things were broken for her.

She is one of the smartest, talented, hard working women I know of and probably the nicest person I know of.

She holds a child-like enthusiasm to explore and learn, every single day. 

She’d go out of her way to make life easy for others.

She’s a blessing to everyone around her.

This she is my amma, friend, guru, family and sometimes, my foe.

She adorned several roles such as a daughter, sister, wife, daughter in law, colleague, friend. But, she did best as my mother.


I am extremely¬†lucky to have you in my life. And, for all the good things you’ve passed on to me, either through genes or through your actions, words can’t express my gratitude.

P.S: Now that, I had spoken so well about you,¬†can we please fight? ūüôā


In picture: Amma and Appa (taken at Shimla)


Week 3: Family




Who gave me life.

Who are reasons to live everyday.

Who have enriched my living.


Who gave me an identity.

Who helped me grow.

Who¬†taught me life’s ideals, by their own action.


Who let me experience freedom in it’s real sense.

Who see only the best in me and are always encouraging.

Who are my support system.


Who would never give up on me.

Who would treat my success and failure equally.

Who know how to make me smile instantly.


Who make and break me.

Who get me completely.

Who I know, I can take for granted.


Who are simply the best.

And, indeed, I am incredibly blessed.


Week 2: Spouse / Significant Other

To my future soulmate, husband, significant other. (If you exist) 


How have you been?

Hope life’s awesome at your end.

Phew, I have lots to say. But, let me get started with a few things.

Whoever you are, this is what I wanted to let you know.

I want you to be you always.

Pursue what you really want.

I hope you’re someone who is happy and takes pride in what you do everyday.
It could be an unsolved math problem or a signature dish you would like to cook.
It could be traveling around the world or sharing your experience with the next generation.
It could be a piece of art that you took months to create or serving patients all day long.
It could be anything that you do.

Whatever it is, please remember that I am already proud of who you are. Because, it takes a lot of courage to pursue whatever you believe in.

I am certain life has tested you and you’d failed many a times. But, what is success if you don’t fail, fall and rise back again?

I understand that you’d trusted people all along. You’ve been deceived too. I wish, you have the strength to trust with all the broken pieces. Or we could figure this out together ūüôā

If you’ve not realized this already, believe me, you’re beautiful. You’re awesome. You’re rare.

You’re optimistic at one end, pessimistic on another.
You’re confused, yet you’re clear on certain things.
You care a lot, but don’t know how to express.
You’re simply a human. And I get that you have emotions too.

I sincerely pray that, we remain friends forever and keep company with a sense of mutual respect and admiration for each other.

I wish, I could learn a lot from you and be there for you.

I wish I could make your dreams come true and help you in every best possible way.

I wish to make your family and friends mine.

Lastly, I really do hope, you exist.

And, if you do exist, I simply want to say thank you.
For being born, being you.

P.S: Glad to meet you.

Week 1: Why Start this Challenge


Why start this challenge?

Because, I didn’t stick to this challenge last year. Wrote only about 6 out of 52 challenge posts. Sucks right? Yeah.

But, why start all over again? Especially after failing so miserably last year?

I want to give this a fair shot, once again, this year. And, use this challenge as an opportunity to convey my gratitude for all the simple things I experience on a day to day basis, the people who help me grow, the experiences to come and most importantly, discover myself through this journey.

A splendid new year to all you readers! ūüôā

Hopefully, you and the universe will conspire enough to help me stick to the challenge.