You are selfless. You are quite your unusual self. You are in bliss. You smile. You blush. You wanna express love in every possible way. You are in your ecstasy. You dream of all good things. You wish for beautiful things. You can drool over silly things and consider the most important things too. You love everything on the planet from a paper to be thrown in the dustbin to a stupidest forward message you receive on your phone. You aim to be at your poetic best when you feel love within. You listen to Raja Music 😉 or any romantic slow music. You sing half of them (forget about you know the song or not, but you start singing, however good or bad you are at singing :D). You are more strong. You wish to be pampered. You try to associate your feeling to someone. What if you don’t have anyone special in life? Well, you can still be in love. Love is not just holding your boyfriend/girlfriend’s hands and speaking all romantic stuff or anything on those lines, but love is an emotion. Love. Love. Love is in the air for me. I love this moment. I am quite enlightened maybe 😉

Today, Nov 7th 2010 is the JAL cyclone day. Quite struck at home because of continuous alerts on news channels stating the same news about the cyclone. So, I was quite by myself at home today. Parents were home too. It was a sweet day with parents. Teasing mum and dad, listening to sufi music, nature watching from window pane, enjoying the rain breeze, curling inside the blanket, is all love in my opinion. A day of enlightenment. A day of love. A day of expressing love. Spread love. Love is all that can change bad into good. Love is the mantra 🙂

~When we make the choice to fill our heart space with unconditional love, our worlds blossom into a beauty far greater than we have known.