Another 366 days will roll by.

2011 was pretty quick. 365 days went by in a jiffy. Let me recollect what 2011 meant to me.

Some good memories –

  1. Was Awarded B Grade for Carnatic Classical Vocal Music from All India Radio
  2. Parents turned 50 this year
  3. Had a brilliant Summer Internship Experience with Hanmer MSL, Chennai
  4. Headed the Student Academic Forum (aka SAF), Council 2011-2012 at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune
  5. Parents 25th Wedding Anniversary also happened this year
  6. Bagged a Music Scholarship for a period of 2 years from Ministry of Culture, Government of India
  7. I am placed with ‘A’ company. Awaits my offer letter. (Will update soon about the company, profile, etc. as when it becomes official)
  8. My friends have been my biggest strength this year. Truly realized who my real friends are and I thank each and everyone who have done a lot for me without even asking and expecting.  Love you guys!

Some not-so-good ones –

  1. Passing away of my guru Sri Chingleput Ranganathan
  2. Some of my friends family losses deeply moved me and made me realize how life is never what you expect it to be. They really made me strong. Looking at their will power, I learnt not to crib about puerile things
  3. Everyone in the family has been going through rough times with respect to health and a few more losses.

Overall, 2011 has been a very challenging one for me personally. It has moulded me to a better person, I hope. This year has really taught me a lot with respect to life, respecting relationships, people, emotions, valuing time, and one’s health.

On this note, I look forward to an eventful and a better 2012. Have certain goals and vision for this year. Hope, I would accomplish the same with my best efforts.

Here’s wishing the entire human kind a very happy and prosperous new year 2012. Cherish every moment of your life, live it to the fullest, and never regret any of your decisions.

Regards and Love,

Swathi Ravichandran


Another month has passed by.. More work, more class tests, more assignments, more fun activities, more presentations, more friends, more people, more things to relate with, more of everything, and yes.. abundance of knowledge is what I am filled with. August has been a month of great learning.

SIMClairvoyance ’10 was a great insight of learning and understanding facets of media which came in small packages from August 9th to August 13th 2010 🙂 I enjoyed being part of this initiative..

Also, had a project sign up with Spit free India, where I shall be handling Online Media and Branding &  Blogging for their Pan India initiative. Looking forward to practical learning from this project..

I met dad here in Pune on August 21st after 3 long months.. It was great spending time with him discussing about college, about the campus, about my hostel life, about unlearning mutiny things and relearning them with what required.. and taking his experience as a lesson has always helped me.. To me, my dad is my inspiration with respect to values, principles, work, punctuality, discipline, love.. I think of you dad when I think of giving up.. I imagine how you would have handled.. I gain the confidence that I can do it when I think of you..

And, finally.. I accept that #331 in Girls hostel is home away from home.. Lavale campus makes my day.. Its like missing home when you are away.. I missed hostel and room when I had gone to see dad… I really missed the campus a lot.. I love my campus.. I love my course.. I believe I can make the best of this place though I tend to crib about it at times 😉 But isn’t that always a part and parcel of college life?

To conclude, this month has been a month of reinventing newer things in me.. August 2010 – Like it, Love it!

P.S: This august, managed to capture the cyberspace with another blog named Written Emotions..

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