Our 1st semester exams are happening now. 11 subjects spread over 6 days. Now is the time, I think time flies. Feels like I just came to Pune. Its 4 months already.

Well, now the scene in the hostel is extremely interesting during these times. People are more of their natural selves, meaning, you see the true qualities of people during examination times. Its kinda psychological but yeah. Selflessness in teaching others, group studies, sleepless nights, non-stop alarm rings, and few trying to be cunning to score those 0.00005 marks than others, and some being blunt to their room-mates to shut up and study, and the rest expressing fear, agony, pain, sharing the common ideology as to “Who on earth found the concept of examinations? Especially at PG level?” and so on so forth.

Here even, we see Social Media playing a huge role. Either the students are stuck to Facebook, twitter, and busy giving their minute to minute updates about how a particular subject can kill you, how exams are boring, how rest of the mutiny things in world interests you during exams such as this (as posted by my friend Aabeer) – “Staring at the blank walls of the room has never been so interesting.. Thank you exams..!!”. 

Also, examination times had seen the various facets of food one craves for. This is the time, you feel like eating anything and everything in the world. You go on to experiment with recipes to buying all junk, to spending your quality study time in thinking about food, etc.

About my examination preparation. It has not changed much after coming to hostel. I study if I feel like. Some of my colleagues did get amused looking at my being cool. I had been sleeping all day long. I study whatever I like studying. And I believe that I study not to get marks, but to learn new things. But, I agree that its important to get marks and then prove it your way that marks really don’t matter. 

Now, all said and done, I guess, I need to sit and start studying right away.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days