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Another 366 days will roll by.

2011 was pretty quick. 365 days went by in a jiffy. Let me recollect what 2011 meant to me.

Some good memories –

  1. Was Awarded B Grade for Carnatic Classical Vocal Music from All India Radio
  2. Parents turned 50 this year
  3. Had a brilliant Summer Internship Experience with Hanmer MSL, Chennai
  4. Headed the Student Academic Forum (aka SAF), Council 2011-2012 at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune
  5. Parents 25th Wedding Anniversary also happened this year
  6. Bagged a Music Scholarship for a period of 2 years from Ministry of Culture, Government of India
  7. I am placed with ‘A’ company. Awaits my offer letter. (Will update soon about the company, profile, etc. as when it becomes official)
  8. My friends have been my biggest strength this year. Truly realized who my real friends are and I thank each and everyone who have done a lot for me without even asking and expecting.  Love you guys!

Some not-so-good ones –

  1. Passing away of my guru Sri Chingleput Ranganathan
  2. Some of my friends family losses deeply moved me and made me realize how life is never what you expect it to be. They really made me strong. Looking at their will power, I learnt not to crib about puerile things
  3. Everyone in the family has been going through rough times with respect to health and a few more losses.

Overall, 2011 has been a very challenging one for me personally. It has moulded me to a better person, I hope. This year has really taught me a lot with respect to life, respecting relationships, people, emotions, valuing time, and one’s health.

On this note, I look forward to an eventful and a better 2012. Have certain goals and vision for this year. Hope, I would accomplish the same with my best efforts.

Here’s wishing the entire human kind a very happy and prosperous new year 2012. Cherish every moment of your life, live it to the fullest, and never regret any of your decisions.

Regards and Love,

Swathi Ravichandran


A decade has gone by. 2011 is here in few more hours. And I am sitting in my hostel room and blogging about my new year experience at hostel. Calm, quiet, silence, or whatever you call it. Its very much like the way I want. None of my friends are here though. Still, I connected myself with music today. Practiced singing for a while and then slept like a log with my teddy bear 😀 and spoke to few of my relatives and friends wishing them in advance.

About 2011: 2011 is going to be a crucial year for me.

  • 1st year of my course will come to an end here @SIMC, Lavale, Pune.
  • Summer Internship will take place between Mid April and Mid June, which can be serve as a passport to my dream company if et al the company gives PPO 😀

Have lots to achieve in this year. 365 days is going to be very challenging. Also, look forward to the coming batch 2011-2013 at SIMC this year. Hopefully by 2011, I should also get placed 😀 [Exactly in a year!]

And yeah!

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


I am back in Pune-Hostel-Lavale-SIMC Campus. Came on 19th November 2010. Train journey all by myself was quite an interesting one. And managed to reach the hostel. Must admit that the hostel was quite dead without my batch 2012 and many of our seniors (batch 2011) too. All is well by now. Its 22nd November 2010 and Semester 2 has kick started. Wish that its an eventful semester with more learning and more experience in my expertise and also an easy one =D

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


We all crib at the beginning, but hate to leave this place at the end. Yes, its Hostel. This experience is new to me. An experience to reminisce about in the future. You become a different personality altogether. You learn more managerial skills here. You understand psychology here. You learn various languages here. You become a philosopher at times. The best of directors are born here. Writers, bloggers, poets, artists, musicians, innovators, inventors, leaders and all those endless novelty takes its beginning or refining process here.

I am sure anybody who have had hostel life experiences can relate to me. I recollect my journey into hostel life and the 4 months I have stayed here now. My parents came along with almost 12 baggages to leave me behind this beautiful life. Today, I miss my parents a lot. Nevertheless, I would miss hostel more.

Before coming to hostel, people told –

  1. “Oh! You are going to hostel? Hmmm… Then, you may find it difficult to adjust since its your 1st time..” 
  2. “Hostel life? Hah! How much I miss those days.. Don’t worry, you will have fun.. You would make the best out of it you know?”
  3. “Its yet another thing in your life.. Nothing so special… Just go there! Study well and come back..”
  4. “Is it coed or…”

 After coming to hostel, I say –

  1. If you don’t go to a residential campus / have a hostel experience in your life even once, then you are missing the best thing in your life. Especially when you come to a place like Lavale, you would just want to be here. 
  2. Just go for it. Don’t think for some 10 years to decide on going/coming to hostel. 
  3. As mentioned earlier, one learns a lot of things in hostel. Observation, listening, communication, planning, managing time, managing self, crisis management, handling conflicts, and many alike are skills you develop here without even realizing. 
In a hostel, you can walk into anybody and say a ‘hi’. Most of them are far away from home and that ‘hi’ can mean a lot to them in terms of love, care, affection. You network the most in hostel. You adopt mentors in hostel. Most of these networked people are the ones who become business partners in future or sometime life partners too. 
I am leaving today for home. I was quite emotionless until today. But, I know am going to miss hostel and my room for another month and a half. Hopefully, I should be back 🙂
2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


Our 1st semester exams are happening now. 11 subjects spread over 6 days. Now is the time, I think time flies. Feels like I just came to Pune. Its 4 months already.

Well, now the scene in the hostel is extremely interesting during these times. People are more of their natural selves, meaning, you see the true qualities of people during examination times. Its kinda psychological but yeah. Selflessness in teaching others, group studies, sleepless nights, non-stop alarm rings, and few trying to be cunning to score those 0.00005 marks than others, and some being blunt to their room-mates to shut up and study, and the rest expressing fear, agony, pain, sharing the common ideology as to “Who on earth found the concept of examinations? Especially at PG level?” and so on so forth.

Here even, we see Social Media playing a huge role. Either the students are stuck to Facebook, twitter, and busy giving their minute to minute updates about how a particular subject can kill you, how exams are boring, how rest of the mutiny things in world interests you during exams such as this (as posted by my friend Aabeer) – “Staring at the blank walls of the room has never been so interesting.. Thank you exams..!!”. 

Also, examination times had seen the various facets of food one craves for. This is the time, you feel like eating anything and everything in the world. You go on to experiment with recipes to buying all junk, to spending your quality study time in thinking about food, etc.

About my examination preparation. It has not changed much after coming to hostel. I study if I feel like. Some of my colleagues did get amused looking at my being cool. I had been sleeping all day long. I study whatever I like studying. And I believe that I study not to get marks, but to learn new things. But, I agree that its important to get marks and then prove it your way that marks really don’t matter. 

Now, all said and done, I guess, I need to sit and start studying right away.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


20 years of SIMC. Alumni Meet. Connections ’10 its called. 

Reactions: “Oh sure. Why not?” Lets celebrate 20 years of student power, faculty, administration, directors ;), campuses, infrastructure, and more and more. 2 days of fun is an understatement here at Lavale, Pune. Met varied alumni of SIMC. Some working in the top management, some ideating for Ad agencies, Some into entrepreneurship, some into film making, composing music, while some happily married and settled, some achievers in their respective field, some sound journalists and some writers too.

We also had the oldest alumni from the ’92 batch attending this years’ Connections’10. Lady! You inspired us a lot. 🙂

Most of them were in mixed emotions and hugged their fellow batch mates, their hostel mates, their faculty, the bhaiyas in the mess, few claimed how SIMC was important to them in their life, and many more shouting out a big thanks to this very institute for shaping their personality and career in a big way. Many more cribbed about how they missed those moments of coming in late for their classes, how they studied over night with their friends, those endless conversations they had, eating in class, whining about mess food, getting warning letters, etc. And, here, my batch-mates discuss how we would come as alumni, two years later.

This was not the end. We organized fun games, mehendi stalls, tatoo stalls, food stalls, etc. just taking them back to their college life literally. And yeah. They also stayed in the hostel rooms yet again with their best buddies. How lucky were they?

Ofcourse, every alumni of SIMC would agree that they had their best times of life @ SIMC, Pune.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


Practise sessions. Fun. Performance. Entertainment. Talent. Creativity. Difference. Music. Dance. Theatre. Painting. Memories.

The above mentioned are few descriptive words for Jalsa, the cultural night hosted by SIMC for SIMC. I was moved by the fact that a day was dedicated for us to showcase our talents. From singing performances to dance and moves to live painting to skit plays to what not? I enjoyed every bit of the evening today. I was dumbstruck seeing other people’s talent. Today, I believed that I was in the right place named SIMC. Its a place full of creativity, talented and smart students.

And for sure, I would love to have more evenings of mine singing, if not for an audience, at-least in my hostel room. Of-course, my experience of singing 2 hindi songs was unforgettable. Nayan Tarse from DevD and Mora Saiyaan from Fuzon are close to my heart. I would like to thank Suvrat, Bikash, Danny, Vidyadar and Abhinav who helped me in the practice sessions and trust me.. they are wonderful musicians.

And @Vidhu: You and I should do more jamming I say! Especially Carnatic music 🙂 and this guy is extremely talented.. He is definitely a ‘complete musician’.. Knows to sing, play guitar, keyboard, drums, and what not? Tell us more about it vidhu! 😛

Finally, a great evening to cherish upon.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days