25 years : Ode to their love and marriage life!

Who are they? Well.. Long long ago.. So long ago.. There were two people who fell in love (..obviously a young boy and girl..) when they were around 24 years of age. And you know how the 1980’s era was? Especially when the tam brahm girl loves a non brahmin boy.. Caste apart, they were two individuals who wanted to take their parents consent for their marriage… And, the usual filmy stuff happened and Yes! They fought the world who stood against their love and went ahead to marry each other..

It all happened on August 28th 1986 when these two beautiful people got married.. and yes.. they are my parents.. 🙂 With a lot of struggle since then, till today, they have managed several things with great courage and ease.. 

I am in awe of them and their life.. Because of their love.. their determination, their unity to be one soul always, their understanding, their willingness to forgive each other, their ability to laugh it out at difficult situation, their mutual support, their respect for their parents, their maturity, and so on and so forth.. 

Today, on your 25th marriage anniversary, I wish I had spent some time with both of you.. Probably, doing my bit of troubling you guys.. But, just that you escaped my gig today! (.. how I wish I smashed a cake on both of you..*drooools*..)

And you know what.. You have stayed together not just for 100 days.. but 9125 days till date.. *Claps Claps* (.. I always knew my dad was a bravo.. and my mum was extremely adjustive.. )
Jokes apart.. Stay the same.. and hope you relived your loved moments..

Guddu 🙂

Missing someone..

Its been quite a long time since I felt this way. I miss my friends, my campus usually.
But this time, its someone special. Someone whom I wish to spend a lot of time with.

Its quite a weird feeling when you miss your family.
You don’t feel sleepy.
You don’t want to eat.
You are distracted at your best.
You keep thinking of all the good memories.
You eagerly wait to receive an sms or call from your folks.
You wanna jump when you actually receive one.
You behave quite crazily.

Through all this, I wanna express that I miss my family.
Right now.
Very much.
Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated ~Lamartine


DECEMBER 2010: Last month of this year. A month of conflict, confusion, contradiction, complications and not so good a month (personally). In 4 more days, on December 22nd 2010, I am completing 21 years. Nothing to rejoice about it. Friends usually advice me not to look at my past life. But today, I decided to take a look at my 21 years of life. What have I done in life? Well. Answer is Nothing! I had been the typical girl in many senses. Been a kid, a teen, and now, trying to be a matured woman.

From being an extremely innocent girl, I became this talkative one when I was in teens. Everything has changed for me since I was 17 or 18 years old. Ever since, I have met many people in my life. Both good and bad. Good ones are still my friends, well wishers and the bad ones were gotten rid of. I have dealt with many experiences in life and learnt greater lessons the hardest way!

Now, I wanna change. “Change for good”. And wish to do better things.

Few things I would like to start doing in the coming few months –

  1. Initiate myself to write a book
  2. Sign up for a foreign language – Say, Spanish/German
  3. Make 2 or 3 short films – Serious films
  4. Create a new design portfolio consisting – Logos, Posters, Brochures, Office Stationary, Greeting cards, Bookmarks, Magazine covers, Cartoons, Webpage templates, etc.
  5. Learn atleast 30 new kritis/songs 🙂
  6. Start gym-ing
  7. Read 40 new books – novels, short stories, management books, biographies, etc.
  8. Click for photography portfolio – Portrait, Nature/Landscape, Night, B/W, Street, Fashion, Food, Product, Feature stories, etc.
  9. Volunteer working for many NGOs
  10. Design PR/Marketing campaign for famous brands
  11. Watch one movie everyday or every-night

And the list is definitely an endless one. I hope to kick-start with few things right away so that I am done by most of them by the end of March/April 2011.


Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. But, these living creatures meet up in Earth and end up having relationships. Since their childhood, they encounter various experiences in their life. But the unsolved mystery is that, they don’t really realize what is true love. True love is very subjective again.

During late 60’s in India, love was a very serious thing. Not everybody got the chance to love a person and get married. In reality, love then was merely knowing the person superficially before marriage. Then, culture evolved. Technology evolved. People evolved too. Therefore in early 80’s period, love marriage was much accepted in India [Especially after our Rajiv Gandhi-ji getting married to our very own Sonia Gandhi-ji. ;)]

Then, came the era of Digital media aka Internet technology (2000s). This took the world by a mighty storm. Love was all over the place and didn’t limit itself to the quote – “Love is in the air”. Love was in chat messengers, in emails, in all possible social networking sites like Orkut to our over-used word today, “Facebook”. People started to know each other through these mediums. They connected over Internet, then used Mobile technology to have a personal connect and then met in person when they trusted that they would not be stalked by the other.

Amidst all the revolution, evolution and the refining process for getting married to your loved one, we have lost the true essence of love. I personally agree that love is there in the form of liking, belonging, attraction for another person through these mediums. But very rarely in the form of love per say. In this fast moving digital world, research indicates that majority of today’s generation meet their life partners over the cyber medium. But always remember that falling in love with a person over this medium can turn a lot more disastrous.

Love is eternal. Completely agreed. But, with the right person, it makes more sense and feels like an experience of a life-time. Never regret about your past. They happened because they were meant to happen. Live life King size. It’s your life and you are the soul proprietor to decide what you would like to do with your life.

Here’s wishing one and all, that, they find their soul mates and live the most meaningful life with them. Peace.


You are selfless. You are quite your unusual self. You are in bliss. You smile. You blush. You wanna express love in every possible way. You are in your ecstasy. You dream of all good things. You wish for beautiful things. You can drool over silly things and consider the most important things too. You love everything on the planet from a paper to be thrown in the dustbin to a stupidest forward message you receive on your phone. You aim to be at your poetic best when you feel love within. You listen to Raja Music 😉 or any romantic slow music. You sing half of them (forget about you know the song or not, but you start singing, however good or bad you are at singing :D). You are more strong. You wish to be pampered. You try to associate your feeling to someone. What if you don’t have anyone special in life? Well, you can still be in love. Love is not just holding your boyfriend/girlfriend’s hands and speaking all romantic stuff or anything on those lines, but love is an emotion. Love. Love. Love is in the air for me. I love this moment. I am quite enlightened maybe 😉

Today, Nov 7th 2010 is the JAL cyclone day. Quite struck at home because of continuous alerts on news channels stating the same news about the cyclone. So, I was quite by myself at home today. Parents were home too. It was a sweet day with parents. Teasing mum and dad, listening to sufi music, nature watching from window pane, enjoying the rain breeze, curling inside the blanket, is all love in my opinion. A day of enlightenment. A day of love. A day of expressing love. Spread love. Love is all that can change bad into good. Love is the mantra 🙂

~When we make the choice to fill our heart space with unconditional love, our worlds blossom into a beauty far greater than we have known.


Have you ever been in Love? It can make the strongest person go weak. It can pull down a person emotionally. It causes a lot of pain when you feel no love from the counter part. It hurts even more when the person you love can’t understand you for what you are. You built those strong walls around your heart so that you don’t give into any of those people who are trying to invade your personal space. But there is this slip. You allowed. And you give yourself to them thinking they are gonna take care of you and accept you and your emotions. But what happens? Either they don’t understand what you really go through and keep you waiting. Trust me. Its pain. It drains out your emotions. Just wish I had been loved enough. Wish I was accepted the way I was. 
Random Ramblings. 

>Deep within ..


I don’t understand how to explain in words when it feels you like someone so much, you don’t dare to express it to them, yet secretively admire all li’l things they do. You try to connect with all passionate things they do, you try to be their pillar of strength though you don’t know how they are gonna think about you, you do all crazy things, you try to listen and never react, you are at the verge of options like “either take or lose”, you are “so not you” but you like that feeling, you would have hated certain things in your life so much that you are considering to accept those dislikes to be your likes for that someone, you are called retarded and you feel its cool to be one.

All I felt, did.. but killed it within.. Buried those emotions.. I didn’t wanna express.. and I put a straight face as though nothing has ever happened.

P.S: I love you. I hid it. Sorry.

There are things I cannot express
when I look into your eyes
Maybe the fear of rejection 
I feel and see

There is love within, 
which I will allow to grow
But never show
And, I wish you were mine.

KRISHNA – My love..

Krishna. Kanna. Gopala. Mukunda. 

You have various names. You are fondled by everybody. You are a spoilt brat 😀 And, you may want to know that you have been my love since childhood. Since the day I know about your naughtiness. Since the day I heard about you and your gopikas. Man! How many girl friends do you want? Hah! Anyways, I love you still. Am not jealous 😛

You are magical, 
You are divine, 
You are eternal, 
You are love. 
You complete me, my emotions. 
– Swathi

With my tears,
I watered the creeper of love that I planted;
Now the creeper has grown spread all over,
and borne the fruit of bliss.
The churner of the milk churned with great love.
When I took out the butter,
no need to drink any buttermilk.
I came for the sake of love-devotion;
seeing the world, I wept.

Whenever I sing a song written on you, I am filled with high emotions. I am in another world. Its an experience I must say. I cherish the way various composers have described you. As saint Narayana Tirtha says, “Ehi mudam dEhi Sree krishNa krishNa pahi gopAla bAla krishNa krishNa“, Come here, my dear boy, bestow me all pleasure. Oh Krishna protect me. 



I miss Chennai at this juncture… Like really! I miss being home.. I miss my friends there.. I miss Kapaleeshwar temple.. I miss going to my music classes.. I miss the authentic idly sambhar..

I miss patti’s (grandmom’s) vada paayasam… I miss ela saapadu (food served on banyan leaf).. I miss driving on chennai roads… I miss marina beach.. I miss mount road.. I miss satyam.. I miss t nagar.. I miss besant nagar… I miss shopping in the road side shops..

I miss walking alone in the night without any fear in mind.. I miss travelling by bus.. I miss the carnatic concerts… I miss simply being at home watching those non-sensical tamil channels.. I miss everything that was close to my heart in Chennai.. 

To my home, to my land, to my love, to my Chennai on its birthday, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. 371 years young and you look more beautiful day by day! 🙂