the city that gave me goosebumps. several times.

A city that accepted me whole heartedly for what I was. Made me part of it. Allowed me to experience some great moments. This is the city where I fell in love all over again. With myself. With Mumbai.

On October 15th 2013, I got down from an early morning flight at around 7:12 am and entered Mumbai Airport. With thoughts and dreams that always overwhelmed me about the city I aspired to be part of.  All by myself, I moved to Mumbai leaving behind a city that churned the person I am today – Chennai. The most important people in my life – amma, appa, grandparents, friends, teachers, gurus, home, my comfort zone was all left behind. I got a cab and addressed the cab driver as sir. Straight ahead, he dropped me at ‘Raj Legacy’ in Vikhroli. I bucked up and got ready for my first day at work after settling into the guest house.

Work routine happened. The next 4 weeks, I got into preparing for a certificate exam. Amidst that, I found a house in Vikhroli, about 600 meters away from my work place. That’s a dream life for any Mumbaikar. No travel. Not much distance. Prime location on the main road. Decent locality. And a house was found. It was that time of the year that I started experiencing real life. In those 4-5 weeks (until November 6th 2013), I explored different parts of Mumbai and these experiences mean a lot to me.

Some of them include –

  1. Chembur Fine Arts, Chembur
  2. IIT, Powai
  3. Shanmukhananda Sabha, Sion
  4. Crawford Market, Victoria Terminus / CST
  5. Badshah’s Falooda, Victoria Terminus / CST
  6. Sidharth’s place, Powai
  7. Radhakrishnan uncle’s place, Wadala
  8. RCity Mall, Ghatkopar
  9. Phoneix Mall, Kurla
  10. Marine Drive
  11. Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
  12. Pop Tates, Vikhroli
  13. Bandra Worli Sea-Link
  14. Bandra Market
  15. Walk around Dadar
  16. Out of Blue, Powai
  17. Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Prabhadevi
  18. Powai Lake
  19. Andheri
  20. Santacruz
I was mostly accompanied to these places by friends, colleagues, family friends. I am really grateful to all of them who made time to take me out and show me places around. But, I have been to some of them on my own too. These were times, I wish I had a lot more time to explore Mumbai. The train journeys, the auto rides, the people I met, everyone had a story to share with me.

And, one day, the city I aspired to live in abruptly came to an end due to decisions of shifting to charming Pondicherry 🙂

On Dec 20th 2013, at around 7:12 pm I was back in Mumbai Airport. And this time, I wasn’t alone. I was filled with memories worth a lifetime.

Mumbai. Thanks for taking me into your arms. And, allowing me to leave away with fond memories. 

l we meet soon, be the awesome place you’re 🙂


(Above picture was clicked during Ganesh Chaturti festival in Mumbai – September 11th 2010, Saturday)

Bombay means fun. Means people. Means crowd. Means the endless names of places. Means beautiful lanes. Means markets. Means shopping. Means fashion. Means bollywood. Means tall buildings. Means money. Means business. Means culture. Means religion. Means clubs and parties. Means loud music. Means gateway of india. Means pigeons. Means love. But it means many more to many people.

The above picture was clicked during my recent visit to Mumbai. This moment of capture did impact me a lot. If you haven’t noticed it yet, well, in the picture one can see that its a hindu festive celebration where a muslim is an active participant too. This moment moved me a lot. We speak Mumbai is full of terrorism, religion conflicts, so on and so forth. Well, not really. Not anymore at-least. I can see India shining in this picture. Yes. In true spirit, we need such unity with people, more closeness for fellow beings and  equal treatment among varied classes of human beings for us to grow, prosper as a nation.

Also, I had a friend of mine in Mumbai narrating me as to, how an Auto-Rickshaw wala, while traveling asked my friend about few reputed colleges because he wanted to get his 8th standard studying daughter into it. Look at the Auto wala’s meticulous planning. I was moved by this when I heard about it. We are improving as a nation. If we can accept the spirit of the auto wala and encourage him despite our socio-economic status, oh yes, we are on the right path. This is unity in diversity.

Bombay meant a lot to me. A real lot. I wish to see such things in India as a whole. More of Humane, Happy and Humorous people.

P.S: And yeah, to share my experience, Mumbai is totally awesome. Loved it a lot. Should definitely thank Preetha and her family (Latha didi, her dad and mom) for making my stay the best.