R I P Steve Jobs

It was around 2003 that I got introduced to the company Apple and its products. Thanks to my dad who gifted me an iPod classic then. As a musician, it helped me grow with music. I loved the iPod more than the tape recorders or listening to music in the computer. iPod was portable for me. I could take it anywhere and listen to music. I could easily transfer music using iTunes – Another Apple Service. I guess, it was my experience with iPod, that made me look up to Apple as a company.

Between 2003 and 2008, I had encountered many more versions of iPods – Classic, Shuffle, Nano, etc. In 2008, I decided to buy a laptop. I had seen Apple Computers in many studios – used for audio recording, video editing, graphic captures, spoken about by many achievers, and so on and so forth.. And, I had heard enough about Apple’s Mac Books, Pros. I had no intent to buy an Apple Laptop. But, I did eventually buy Apple Mac Book Pro – 15 inches in Sep 2009. I was an Electronic Media student who loved films, editing, composing music. The user interface in Mac is beyond expression. It transcends into an emotional bond with all Apple products you use. It was an experience yet again. It was with this product, that I started learning a lot more about Apple as a company, its founder Steve Jobs too.

In May 2010, I had enrolled for a MBA course and there has not been a single class till date where Apple has not been discussed in any of our management classes. Be it advertising, public relations, management, marketing, consumer behavior, events, organizational behavior, leadership, digital media, brand management, name-it-anything, there is this one company which has been apt for all the concepts discussed in class. Name it Apple. Faculty to industry people to fellow peers in the class discuss about Apple as a company, its products and many a times, I had initiated conversations, discussions and sometimes debates about this company.

There was always this question in me.. How did Apple manage it? How could they possibly be the best in everything they do? How come they never gave up even if they faced any failure? How is that their employees take so much pride in working for the company? How seamlessly did they initiate little conversations about Apple everyday through their customers? How did they make the entire world look upto them everytime they launched a new product? How did they give birth to a million more start up companies whose founders treat Steve Jobs as their mentor? How could they possibly do all of these? One answer : Steve Jobs.

The connect I have with this company, its vision, its products is extremely high. This is possible only because, Steve Jobs reached to everyone at grass root levels about what Apple is all about. He has narrated a story for everyone with Apple and connected everyone into his huge family called Apple in some way or the other.

Today, there is Apple products everywhere. The letter ‘i’ has revolutionized a lot. The story of ‘i’ – Steve Jobs has come to an end today. A person highly respected in the world from leaders of the nation to companies CEOs to achievers in the world to anybody who aspires to be different, he will be a role model for everyone. I personally had one wish that I could work with Steve Jobs in my life and learn from him. A wish that just remained a wish. Whatever it is. I respect you dude! Apple, Pixars, and everything you initiated with passion will never die. You will be remembered forever in our hearts.
Lots of respect to you. iSalute.

R I P Steve Jobs
“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”