And, I quit working.

I am currently working with Human Factors International (HFI), a firm which is best known for its Usability consulting and Training services.

I aspired to be part of this company when I started accessing useful content on UX, Usability, Research through their YouTube, Twitter channels and their official website. One day, I learnt about job opportunities, applied and got through. And, here I am in Mumbai, working with them since Oct 15th 2013.

What came as a pleasant surprise is that I don’t have to work any more. I don’t have to think that I am doing a job. Not at all. Dear Reader, You’re Puzzled? Yes? No? Ok. Let me clear this for you.  Why I say I don’t have to think that I am working is because I love everyday here at HFI. Trust me. Every single day is so new. And, the past 30 days hasn’t made me feel even for a moment that I am working in a company.

What makes me feel this way? The People. Work Environment, HFI’s Culture, Processes and Structures, the freedom, creativity flowing day in and out.

In the past month, beyond UX, I have acquired an interest for Carrom, Table Tennis, Food, Musical Instruments, Jamming music, Merengue dance form, Martial Arts, exploring new places with my fellow colleagues. And, I am sure with time, the list is only going to be a never ending one.

Now that answers why I have quit working. Because, it feels at home with HFI and I am able to learn so many many things, focus on my interests and continue to contribute back to the organization in my best possible way.

P.S : Thank you Human Factors International.