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first half marathon. check.



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it was easy to give up,
especially between 15-18kms,
but my brother, Karthik Natarajan ensured I did it,
one Mr Augustine, who was a pacer, he warmed us every time with a sincere smile,
the Pandian Thatha, who listened to devotional songs sung by TMS and cheered us,
the words of a kid who asked how much more distance she could run to her mom,
the specially challenged runners,
the professional athletes, the slow crawlers similar to me,
the volunteers who served water, glucon, lemon, fruits,
the security, NSS, police personal who asked us to push and give our best,
the tall, short, fat, thin, dark, fair, all human beings who ran this, just to challenge themselves and their ability,
the aptly placed bill boards having words of wisdom,
the beautiful Coimbatore climate,
most importantly, the amazing parents for always being encouraging and supportive.
Meera Sundar and Prasanna Kumar for getting me into running!

Thanks, all of you. 🙂

Coimbatore Marathon 2015 will stay close to my heart.

Week 6 – The City You Live In

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 3.35.15 pm

Chennai (fondly known as Madras) – is the city I live in. I am extremely glad I spent most of my years here. Having traveled quite a bit, I count on my blessings to be back here in Madras – where I completely belong to.

The city is charming for the kind of lovely experiences it provides me with – day in and day out.

This beautiful Madras exposed me to so many lovely things – from the temples to churches, from the book stores to libraries, from the theatre acts to movies, from the kutcheris to jazz concerts, from the road side shops (pottikadais) to posh malls, from home-cooked food to the endless cuisines available across many eatery options, from monuments to museums and beaches, bus-train-auto rides, a solid education for over 15 years, and most importantly paving way for me into so many amazing people’s lives – family, friends, well wishers.

I know that I may get in and get out of this city in the future too, but Madras is my first love and will always have a special place for the overloaded memories.

Week 5 – Something Someone Gave You

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain

Picture 004

Seldom we discuss about the pain brought by others in life – intentionally or unknowingly. This week’s gratitude is to all of them who crossed my life and caused pain in some form or the other.

Grateful to all of you because – I am a stronger person today. If not for you people in my life, I wouldn’t know the value of happiness. I wouldn’t have learnt to forgive and move on. I wouldn’t smile, even if I feel like crying at moments. I wouldn’t know to celebrate real people and accept things as they are.

Thank you. For making me stronger.

Week 4 – Family Member

he held my hands gently,

took me into his arms,

gave me a hug that was assuring,

and planted a kiss on my forehead.

he knew i was shrinking.

deep within, he was equally pained.

but, beyond his pain,

he gave me strength.

my smile was all that mattered.

so, he whispered into my ears.

“i shall always be your hero,

and never let you down”

with love,

your dad.


Week 3 – Family


December 22, 1989, I was born and was blessed with a family. A family that has been my everything since then.

A family that’s given me life, an identity, taught me values, morals, been there through my ups and downs, always been my cheer leader and is completely proud of me no matter what.

My family usually comprises of appa and amma. They started their lives in a humble manner. They became my best friends – over a period of time. And, they have, till date given me everything that they could possibly give. I admit, I have given them the toughest of times, yet they only love me. I am incredibly blessed to have them as my parents and words shall not suffice to express what they mean to me.

There is an extension to this family. It includes my maternal grandparents and my aunt – who raised me when I was a kid and narrated their life’s experiences while my parents were busy at work. Thatha, patti and chitti – you all have enriched my life.

And, as of today, these people endlessly worry about me – only because they love and care for me. Unconditional love and happiness I have.

Thank you, my family ❤

Week 2 – Significant Other


I am skewing this week’s topic as per my convenience. [Reason: I am single/unmarried]

My significant other at this point in time is music. I have not experienced anything in this world as pure, honest and powerful as music. Music simply reflects my state of mind. In most scenarios, it’s only made my everyday better and probably the sole reason, I look forward to many such beautiful days. It’s the reason I exist. I co-exist.

For bringing music into my life, I definitely need to thank my parents, especially my amma for encouraging me to pursue music ever since I was a toddler.

I would extend my gratitude to all my gurus who have tirelessly and endlessly made me the person I am today – for making me a human being – who also has the ability to express through music.

The gratitude list definitely is incomplete without mentioning the endless inspiration and beautiful artistes who I continue to  listen to and appreciate different forms of music.

And, to my friends and well-wishers who have influenced me to take my own music more seriously in this coming year.

Week 1 – Why start this challenge?


Last year, around this time, I gave into #100happydays challenge. It helped me become better as a person – is something I would like to believe.

While, I still count on my blessings and stay thankful for all the good things that life has bestowed on me, I would like to take this specific challenge – only because, it will give me a platform to express gratitude to specifics as provided in the list.