Pasi Vandhal Paththum Paranthu Pogum


Pasi Vandhal Paththum Paranthu Pogum

The above phrase means when you are hungry, all of one’s key characteristics drift apart. Or in simple words, when one’s hungry, nothing else is of a priority than filling one’s stomach.

This phrase is derived from a song sung by Avaiyar in one of her works, Moodhurai.

Maanam Kulam Kalvi Vanmai Arivudaimai
Dhaanam Dhavam Uyarchi Thalanmai – Thaenin
Kasivandha Solliyarmael Kaamurudhal Paththum
Pasivandhida Parandhu Poam

Maanam – Dignity
Kulam – Class in the Society
Kalvi – Education
Vanmai – Strength
Arivudaimai – Knowledge
Dhaanam – Donating Attitude
Dhavam – Penance
Uyarchi – Rank
Thalanmai – Generosity
Kamurudhal – Romance


23 years of living life, experiencing reality, directed towards certain goals, finally getting a domain name for my blog –, and celebrating a different kind of birthday with my family and close circle of friends.

For now, I have one thing on my mind – to write more from today and keep myself active in the blogging sphere.

Life seems best at this moment.

Thank you amma, appa (cliche), my dear friends (you know who you all are), almighty (again cliche) and everyone else who gave me strength to sail through all life events in the past 23 years.

A very happy birthday to myself! 😀