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Week 14: A talent you have

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
– Albert Einstein

This is mostly me in a nutshell. I am very aware of my musical abilities and understand that I have been blessed with a voice that can move and produce some good sound. You could call me a singer, for this description šŸ˜‰


But, to talk about a talent IĀ have, hmm, I believe I amĀ very very curious, to know and learn about a lot of things. Even in cases, where the subject sparked least or no interest inĀ me. And, I uncovered thisĀ reality, only when IĀ remainedĀ fascinated about everything around me – especially to understand the potential of human beings and talent / skillsĀ they persevered.

Over the course of time, I didĀ juggle and exploreĀ things like writing (yes, all the stuff you’re reading right now), playing the violin, perspective drawing, clay modelling, quilling papers, jewelry making, clicking photographs, producing a movie, story telling, concert performances, learning languages, sudoku puzzles, crossword challenges, poetry, composing to name a few. (oh yes, I am not at all modest here!)

Throughout myĀ explorations, I found myself to grow more and moreĀ inquisitive. It also gave rise to a thought on how many such untouched areas of talent or skills that exist around us. And, we seldom acknowledge and understand, how thisĀ one life is justĀ not enough to simplyĀ learn about these possibilities šŸ™‚